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    CHARTER CLOSES DOORS I’m definitely pro-charter schools but this seems to be a growing problem that has to be addressed:

    Leighton and other parents who had enrolled their children in the charter school said they weren’t notified that the school was closing.

    “I feel totally betrayed,” said Anna Maguire, who had paid a $165 deposit to enroll her son in the preschool program. “I was in just last week and was reassured everything was fine.”

    Owner George Guariglio said closing the school was a last-minute decision and parents were notified by phone over the weekend.

    Guariglio said he ran out of money and had sought to sell the school but the deal fell through. He will try to find another building to house the prekindergarten through third-grade students.

    This is the second school owned by Guariglio to close in less than two weeks. Guariglio closed the doors of Evergreen Charter School in Ahwatukee on Aug. 2.

    Problems at Evergreen came to a head this summer when it became known the teachers were not getting paid and checks were bouncing. Similar situations occurred at Palisades, parents said.

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