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    HOMESCHOOLER DEPICTED AS “SAD” Re-posted from NHEN-Legislative:

    I have heard from a number of you concerning the mural in the stairway leading down to the children’s room in the New Cumberland (PA) Library. The mural, for those of you who haven’t seen it, includes many little children involved in various activities like reading, skating boarding, etc. Every child, on their shirt, is labeled with the name of a New Cumberland area public school. These children are all happy. One somewhat sad child is labeled with the private school St. Theresa’s. The HOMESCHOOLED child (the words are painted on his shirt) is sitting on a bench, a bench which has been recently painted. This child is not happy at all! There is a sign which clearly states “Wet Paint” on the bench. The complaints I have heard are that this part of the mural implies that homeschoolers are dumb and can’t read. Or maybe implies that we aren’t teaching them properly? (Maybe this mural was painted by a local public school art teacher?) If you see the mural, agree that it is degrading to homeschoolers, and feel led to talk to the children’s librarian about it, please do so kindly and without anger. The librarian, Mrs. Franz, told me she has heard from some disgruntled homeschoolers, some of whom weren’t very polite. Most of us have asked for the boys t-shirt to besimply painted over eliminating the words “homeschooled”. It has also been wondered if a petition signed by local homeschool kids would persuade the library to change the mural, repaint the boys shirt. If anyone wants to write and distribute a petition, let me know. I guess this is just one of those “one step back” instances…it does seem that homeschooling in general is gaining in popularity and respect.

    So, two steps forward we go!

    But, since we’re ALL HSers, who cares?

    UPDATE: If you care to register a comment, the phone number is 717-774-7820.

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