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    A BAG OF FLAMING POOP Joanne Jacobs re-blogs a really biting Transterrestrial Musings satire about a student who is claiming to be disadvantaged by not being disadvantaged. I think this true story may have been the inspiration.

    Normally, a student with a 4.5 GPA and high test scores would get into Berkeley and UCLA but I didn’t,” said high school student Kyle Taylor.

    Taylor might have had a better chance of being accepted at both schools if he’d suffered a gunshot wound, gone to a bad high school or was the son of divorced parents. That’s because a new University of California admissions policy called “comprehensive review” gives preference to students who have overcome personal hardships.

    “I’ve never gone through anything really difficult, but, I mean, I don’t see why that should affect how I get into college,” Taylor said…

    UC officials say the policy levels the playing field, but critics call it a transparent attempt to get around California’s ban on affirmative action in college admissions. But the courts may get the last word, as some students who were denied admission are considering lawsuits.

    UPDATE: Highered Intelligence has a really good blog on this same topic.

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