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    WWHS In today’s edition of “Why We Homeschool”- some states are having major problems with high-stakes testing.

    In July, Nevada officials reported that 736 sophomores and juniors had mistakenly been told they had failed the math portion of a test; when tests were rechecked, it turned out the students had passed.

    In New Mexico, 70 percent of superintendents recently reported testing errors of various kinds, according to FairTest, a group in Cambridge, Mass., that objects to high-stakes testing.

    In Georgia, Harcourt Educational Measurement could not deliver accurate results from last spring’s Stanford 9 tests in time for this school year, throwing off students’ assignments to gifted and remedial classes. The company called in several experts to help solve the problems with the tests, which were developed specifically for Georgia’s third-, fifth-, and eighth-graders. School officials are considering fining the testing company.

    One of the few things I like about the NCLB Act is that it exempts all HSers from these accountability tests.

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