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    Boston-area charter schools have a disproportianately low percentage of poor, disabled, and limited English students as compared to the regular g-schools. Is this prima facie evidence that the charters are “creaming”? Hardly. The slots are all chosen by lottery. The schools end up with the kids who apply. That’s still not good enough, though, for the ridiculously-named “Progress Through the Education Pipeline Project.”

    [I]n a “market” system in which individual choice is part of the mix, word of mouth (about how to apply to a charter school, availability of seats, kind of education, etc.) and existing advantage (related, for example, to having extra time to attend informational meetings at the school) play a significant role in determining which children are even part of the application pool. In reality, charter schools in Boston are leaving the most challenging-to-teach students in the district schools…In the absence of a moratorium on charter school expansion, education decision-makers – the Governor, legislature, and state Board of Education – should act to ensure that Boston charter schools enrollment reflects the diversity of Boston Public Schools and that all students have equitable access to Boston charter schools.

    They already have equitable access. Ms. Wheelock is arguing for quotas, of course. Illegal as hell. And, what if not enough poor kids even apply to the charters? Are we supposed to drag them in, kicking and screaming, in order to assure “equitable access”?

    How can smart people continue to come up with such dumb ideas?

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