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    I must be an old fogey, because I have absolutely no idea who Michelle Branch is. But, I like this interview quote:

    Do you miss anything from school?

    I think there are people who really belong in school and really do well in school and I was one of those kids who was always getting in trouble for not doing work, getting in trouble for being late, or this or that, and I always had poor grades. I just tried so hard, and it was such a hard experience for me, and I left school as soon as I had a chance and I started doing home school to finish high school, because I was actually working on records and touring by then. That was a great experience being home-schooled, and I know when the time comes and I have children I’m going to home-school them because you can really focus.

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    March 27th, 2004
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    Chick Singer is Michelle: