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    BURN THOSE BOOKS or at least close the libraries. There is a petition drive in Stevens County (WA) to close down all of the public libraries. Apparently some large landowners don’t read:

    “With all the property I own, I’m probably paying up to $500 in taxes for the library, and that’s just $500 wasted on something we don’t need,” said one supporter of the measure, Dave Sitler, a real estate agent.

    Sitler, a member of the American Heritage Party, which calls for an end to all property taxes and for a government based on biblical tenets, also said that the head librarian’s annual salary of $51,000 is too high.

    “The salaries they pay those librarians, with health benefits and all that, it adds up,” Sitler said.

    The Stevens County library system operates on a budget of a little more than $1 million a year, with a full-time staff of 10. It makes do in metal- roofed sheds, converted cabins and abandoned buildings. County records show that to help keep the county’s nine book outlets running, the average household here pays about $38 a year in property taxes, the equivalent of a month’s basic cable television bill.

    This guy is a real estate agent. Do you think property values might be negatively affected by closing the libraries? And here’s a REAL HSer (grin):

    But without the library system, some county residents said, they would have almost no link to the rest of the world.

    “I home-school my kids, and our four library cards are maxed out at 40 books at all times,” said Linda Arrell, who lives off the electric power grid with her family north of Kettle Falls. “They say everybody is on the Internet, so we don’t need a library. Well, some of us don’t have credit cards and some of us don’t have power.”

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