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    Steve Gallaher sent me a link to a confusing article from the Austin American-Statesman. I think the reporter was trying to write a positive piece on unschooling. It ended up all over the map, however. A couple of things worth pointing out:

    The Christian-oriented movement has far outpaced the more liberal faction. The Home School Legal Defense Association estimates it speaks for 80 percent of all home schoolers.

    Huh?! HSLDA has no more than 10 percent of home educators as members. I find it hard to believe that they would claim 80, as they know they’d catch hell from NHEN and HEM.

    Some education experts are concerned that not all parents are qualified, financially or otherwise, to take on the challenge of teaching their children at home.

    “There are some wonderful parents who are fiscally and intellectually able to guide their children,” said David Berliner, Regents Professor of Education at Arizona State University. “Simultaneously, there are parents who are neither . . . and they are probably hurting their children.”

    Berliner believes that government has an obligation to protect children, physically and in other ways, such as their educational development.

    “(The state) takes children away from parents who harm them physically or emotionally,” he says. “How does this differ? ”

    So, who gets to decide if homeschooling constitutes “educational neglect”? The educrats who have just a bit of a conflict-of-interest? Sure.

    All-in-all, a relatively harmless article. Probably not worth the rather lengthy registration process.

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