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    Chris O’Donnell found an article which compares the homeschooling laws in Virginia and Maryland. The reporter really butchered the VA laws. Unfortunately, the MD laws are even worse than indicated in the article.

    Parents must maintain a portfolio of “relevant materials such as instructional materials, reading materials, and examples of the child’s writings, work sheets, workbooks, creative materials, and tests.” The local superintendent may review the portfolio, discuss the instructional program, and observe instruction at a mutually agreeable time and place not more than three times a year.

    Yecchh! Too bad the reporter didn’t compare VA’s laws with DE’s.

    §2704. Report of non-public schools to Department

    (a) All persons conducting non-public schools [including homeschools] shall report end of the year attendance information to the Department of Education annually, on or before the 31st day of July, on such forms as shall be prescribed by the Department of Education.

    (b) Such persons shall also submit annually, on or before the 31st day of October, a statement of pupil enrollment as of the last school day in September, on such forms as prescribed by the Department of Education.

    That really is it- two pieces of paper. The reporter would have had a heart attack.

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    Comment by
    Chris O'Donnell
    March 30th, 2004
    at 9:28 pm

    I googled the reporter and found her email address. No reply so far…

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    March 30th, 2004
    at 10:11 pm

    Or you could compare it to Ontario, where we don’t have to produce even those two pieces of paper. We have no legal obligation to prove anything to the school district.

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    March 30th, 2004
    at 10:41 pm

    Also in Texas. We provide a “letter of assurance” if someone comes nosing around, but we’re not required to *initiate* any contact with the state at all.

    Although, I had to grimace when I read the last line of the article:

    “I’m afraid to put her back. She’s excelling. I don’t want her to digress again,” [Tonya Davenport, homeschooling mom] said.

    I hate when mistakes like that get printed. People jump on them. I’m sure she’s a very intelligent woman, too.