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    A family of homeschoolers served as emergency judges at a cookie bake-off. The winner got a gift certificate at a local restaurant.

    The judges each got a plastic bag full of once-bitten cookies and a new whiteboard with erasable markers to use at their in-home school.

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    Skip Oliva
    April 10th, 2004
    at 1:04 am

    “A family of homeschoolers” makes them sound like subjects of a National Geographic special. Like a “school of fish” or a “den of lions.” 🙂

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    April 10th, 2004
    at 5:36 am

    shhhh, quiet now while she sneak up on the family of homeschoolers, now known as the FOH in their native habitat. We can see a dining room table, covered in books and various science projects. There is some wierd sort of tribal scribbling on a distant whiteboard. For some reason, this FOH has a paper map of the globe glued to cardboard and hung on the wall from what looks like picture hooks and binder clips. Could this be used in some bizarre ritual?