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    I was with this kid until the last sentence.

    Student understands merits of state tests

    As a 10th-grade student who recently took the state tests, I feel there is no reason why parents should complain about it. I cannot say I particularly enjoyed the testing process. On the contrary, I find it quite tedious. However, the significance of such a test does not escape me.

    It is general understanding that each high school varies scholastically. Delaware administers the tests to ensure that all schools aim for a standard of excellence, which can be rewarding when met, and measures the school’s ability to produce able members of society. To students who receive exceptional grades in school and mediocre scores on the tests, it should be obvious their school is teaching at a lower level than expected and rewarding average students in order to maintain an honor roll and scholar-athletic rates.

    Those who attend superior public schools and work diligently to go above and beyond the state’s standards deserve a meritorious award, such as a distinguished diploma. As a student at Sussex Technical High school, a “choice” school, I expect my distinguished diploma to arrive in about two years.

    Alexandra M. Stamat, Lincoln

    I guess they haven’t gotten to “humility” yet at her school.

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    April 13th, 2004
    at 9:15 am

    Phew! If any child of mine wrote a letter like that we’d be sitting down and discussing the concept of “hubris”.

    Comment by
    Eric Holcombe
    April 13th, 2004
    at 10:20 am

    You mean it’s gonna take FOUR years? Humph! ;o)

    Comment by
    Alexandra M. Stamat
    June 28th, 2004
    at 8:42 pm

    I would just like all of you to know that I recently received my DSTP scores, AND I will receive a distinguished diploma because of them. I worked hard and was rewarded with a score of five in both reading and writing (and, yes, I know what “hubris” is).I think it is only fair for me to write about something I support and explaining why I support it. If I labor over every word I write on the DSTP, I should at least be able to defend it by writing a letter to the newspaper. Humility is not an issue. If one works very hard to master a difficult challenge, they are due some pride in their work. Get real!