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    BYU is offering homeschool PE classes in order to provide their ed students with “practicum” experience. I think it’s a win-win, but I found this sentence funny.

    Prusak said it can be difficult for home-schooling families to meet the state curriculum requirements for physical education.

    What kind of crazy PE requirements does Utah have that can’t be satisfied by kicking the kids outside to play in traffic?

    UPDATE: Via comment, Rae very gently pointed out that I never defined “BYU.” Sorry. “BYU” is Brigham Young University, the Mormon church-owned school located in Provo, UT. All you football fans will recognize it as the alma mater of numerous NFL quarterbacks including Steve Young, who is the something-something grandson of Brigham.

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    Skip Oliva
    April 13th, 2004
    at 12:25 pm

    Uh, does the traffic have a degree in elementary education? 🙂

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    April 13th, 2004
    at 5:59 pm

    There are no requirements for physical education in the state of Utah. Just shows how “in the know” BYU (Brigham Young University- a religiously affiliated school) is. *can’t help but giggle*