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    Self-described “formally homeschooled child” Nathan Tabor is among 8 Republicans seeking their Party nomination in North Carolina’s 5th Congressional district. Mr. Tabor has the endorsement of HSLDA, even though he doesn’t know their name.

    In Congress, I will actively fight for the rights of homeschool parents and children. I’ll stand with organizations like the Home School Legal Defense Fund, the Madison Project and the North Carolinians for Home Education.

    …Will you please take a few moments to let me know you’re willing to stand with me during this campaign for Congress? You may contact me by calling 336-993-0929 or by visiting www.taborforcongress.com I need your support, time, vote and most of all your prayers!

    I would also like to personally invite you to an event with Mike Farris in November. The date and time will be sent to you shortly. [emphasis in original]

    Let me get my checkbook out right now!

    As an aside, I was unfamiliar with the Madison Project. From the website:

    Madison Project raises money for conservative candidates through our network of grassroots conservatives. We provide our members with campaign profiles of selected candidates, and each member decides which candidates they want to support.

    Our values are Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Limited Government, Defenders of Religious Freedom. We only endorse Republicans who clearly demonstrate their conservatism. We evaluate every Congressional and Senatorial race in America, and our endorsements are only extended to key competitive races which have a strong conservative candidate with the ability to win.

    Guess who the Founding Chairman is. None other than Mike Farris. Kind of takes the shine off the endorsement, eh?

    So, Tabor has the endorsement of HSLDA, the endorsement of an organization founded by the President of HSLDA, and the endorsement of the North Carolina HSLDA-affiliate. Kind of a one trick pony, I think. (Hat tip to Skip Oliva for pointing me to this race)

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    Comment by
    Eric Holcombe
    April 15th, 2004
    at 2:30 pm

    “I’ll stand with organizations like the Home School Legal Defense Fund,…”

    Heh, heh. You aren’t suggesting a Freudian slip are you?