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    Another positive article- from Minnesota Public Radio, no less.

    Lisa Messerer wants her kids to change the world. Her friend Trina LeGarde wants her kids to be saved. They both think home schooling is the best way to do it.

    And they’re part of a growing number of Minnesota families. Officials say home-schooling is more popular here than in other states. The legislature spelled out some requirements nearly 30 years ago. Home-schooled children have to take a standardized test every year. The state doesn’t see the results, but the tests allow the parents to keep track of how their students are doing. The Department of Children, Families and Learning is comfortable with how home-schooling families are doing, according to spokesman Bill Walsh.

    “There’s some national studies that indicate that home-school students do very well on standardized tests, like SAT and ACT,” he says. “Most evidence would point toward high academic achievement for home-schooled kids.”

    A generation of home-schooled young people is now active in the world.

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