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    This is a must read on the idiocy of ZT policies and of the educrats who enforce them. The quote of the year:

    District officials say the children who go through the school, named Opportunity Awareness Center [the alternative school], have access to better resources, including small classes, counselors and social workers.

    “They leave here better for it,” said Patty Bing, principal of the discipline school. “I’ve never seen a situation where a child did not benefit.”

    …”At [the alternative school], you knew you were in prison,” [Jewel] said, adding that the experience made her hate school even at Taylor.

    The entrance to the discipline school is monitored by a security guard and blocked by a metal detector, where the students line up every morning to be searched before they can enter. Bing and other faculty members greet the students as they lift up their shirts and pants, empty their pockets and take off their shoes.

    “We make it a very positive experience to start the day,” the principal said.

    I wonder if the principal has to go through the same procedure. Somehow, I doubt it.

    Oh, BTW, the “crime” that Jewel committed? Being accused of drinking at a school football game. She denied it and, when she requested to have a breathalyzer administered to prove her innocence, the school refused.

    Please, read the whole thing.

    UPDATE: I love the principal’s quote so much, I’ve enshrined it above.

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    April 18th, 2004
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    Ugh. The complete lack of rational thinking in school discipline is another reason I homeschool… add that to the poll!

    My youngest brother has a learning disorder and his school suggested to my mom that he be put in a “special” class. After she agreed, she found out they’d put him in a class for discipline problems! This is a kid who can’t physically sit still,a nd they put him in a class where tapping your foot gets you sent to the principal.

    Schools just care about puffing themselves up to look like they have high standards so they can get more money. They want to be “tough” on discipline problems, so they overreact to tiny things and punish kids who don’t need it. They want to have high test scores, so they disqualify anyone they don’t think will do well. They want to seem “multicultural” so they force students to see the same stupid “Easter Island Appreciation Month” pageant six times in one day, forsaking real studies.

    They don’t care a lick about what their students really need, as long as they can figure out how to get the most money for the least work, and then not even share with the teachers.