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    This one brought forth all sorts of odd mental images.

    PC kindergarten roundup begins May 3

    A politically correct roundup of kindergartners? Git along, little doggie!

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    April 19th, 2004
    at 7:32 pm

    This brings back memories for me. I remember when my daughter, now 17, started 1st grade at her parochial school. She seemed so much more mature at 6 than she was at 5. We saw her kindergarten teacher and I said, “Poor Ms. Lifsey.” Frankie said, “Why?” I said, “Because she has to take all these different kids – some who have been at daycare and preschool for years, some who have gone to Mother’s Day Out a couple of days a week, some who have never been away from their mommies, and she’s got 9 months to turn them all into first graders. Then she has to start all over.” I spoke to Ms. Lifsey later and she laughingly said that was exactly right. But she loved kindergartners and had taught them for years. I guess she still does. She had a wall hanging in her classroom that quoted Christa McAuliffe’s “I am a teacher. I touch the future.” and below that it said, “I am a Catholic schoolteacher. I touch eternity.” or something like that. Which I thought was nice – she was reminding herself that each one of those ankle biters was an immortal soul.