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    Three days after I criticized HSLDA for pushing the bogus stats from an NHERI study in a WashTimes Op/Ed (and at a homeschool convention), Mike Smith has published a very balanced Op/Ed in the same paper.

    Of course, homeschool families are well versed in these reasons since the decision to homeschool requires much thought and preparation, but the general public and many in the media continue to have some misconceptions about the motivations behind homeschooling. A recent headline in the Dallas Morning News stated “Despite good schools, more kids learning at home.” The parents quoted in the article live in Los Rios, a wealthy suburb of Plano, Texas. They didn’t have a negative word to say about their local public schools. So why would these parents decide to homeschool if they already had good schools right on their doorstep?

    It flies in the face of conventional wisdom, which believes that parents only choose homeschooling if there’s something fundamentally wrong with their public school or if they’re motivated by religion. Conventional wisdom also suggests that the natural destination for children is public school and that any parent who chooses homeschooling must (or at least should) have a good reason for seeking that alternative.

    I’m sure Mike isn’t visiting H&OES and it really is coincidence. Still- pretty funny.


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    J Aron
    April 21st, 2004
    at 7:17 pm

    I wouldn’t be so certain.. they pay folks to scan all of these sites.. HSLDA knows what NHELD and CT Homeschool Network have been saying here in CT.