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    I don’t think this was what Izzy meant when she titled her book.

    A COMPANY based in Wheathamstead that is at the forefront of a revolution in home schooling is offering parents the chance to trial its system for free.

    Vu2, which operates from offices in Brewhouse Hill, has pioneered a web-based system which allows children who cannot attend school to receive up to 15 hours a week tuition in a range of subjects.

    Teachers give lessons via a live web broadcast and children log on at the allotted time to receive the tuition. They can hear the teacher’s voice but can also communicate through a two-way text system.

    Local education authorities (LEAs) are obliged by the Government to provide children who are not attending school for whatever reason with 25 hours a week schooling.

    Vu2’s technology enables children to receive tuition in mathematicss, English, science and IT and because the lessons are modelled on the National Curriculum pupils can obtain GCSEs after the usual two years.

    YeeeHaa! Government schooling at the click of a mouse. Now, that’s a revolution we can do without.


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    J Aron
    April 22nd, 2004
    at 9:18 pm

    I don’t know why.. but after reading this the first thought that came to mind was that drug dealers give away free drugs to get you hooked too…