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    The News-Journal has a depressing piece on the three-tiered diploma system scheduled to take effect in June. It seems three-fourths of minority students will get the basic diploma, the lowest of the three levels. Some are equating this with segregation.

    “Though physically they are integrated, it’s a public policy that’s been put in place to resegregate our schools. That’s the effect of this new policy,” Wilmington City Councilman Theo K. Gregory said.

    “It sorts them to the bottom again,” said Melva Ware, a specialist in urban education at the Delaware Center for Teacher Education at the University of Delaware.

    …”I just hope that somewhere along the line, parents will stand up and do what’s right for their kids and not let this happen,” said Claibourne D. Smith, one of two black people on the State Board of Education. “It is so bizarre and bad,” he said.

    Black people?? Ugh! The stats certainly look bad but it may be entirely “innocent.”

    Low-income students are nearly three times as likely to get the basic diploma as the higher ones.

    There’s a strong negative correlation between poverty and achievment in school. It’s a complicated situation. What is needed is a look at how well poor and non-poor minority students do at the same school. Unfortunately, the N-J does not provide those numbers.

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