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    File this one under the libertarian side of this blog.

    A Saudi-born graduate student in the US is being charged with providing support to terrorist groups becasue he served as webmaster to several sites that linked to “terrorist” sites. He is, in effect, being prosecuted for the speech of others.

    As a Web master to several Islamic organizations, Mr. Hussayen helped to maintain Internet sites with links to groups that praised suicide bombings in Chechnya and in Israel. But he himself does not hold those views, his lawyers said. His role was like that of a technical editor, they said, arguing that he could not be held criminally liable for what others wrote…”It’s an illustration of how much power the government can bring against somebody,” said John Dickinson, a retired professor of computer sciences who was Mr. Hussayen’s doctoral adviser at the University of Idaho. “It should scare anybody.”

    By that standard, if one of you left a comment praising Hamas, I could be prosecuted under the USA PATRIOT Act. And, Bush wants to make permanent this travesty? Please, oh please, let saner heads prevail in the Senate.

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