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    I hope they get away with this as I think PA has some of the worst homeschooling laws in the country. But, somehow, I doubt they will.

    A Bucks County couple who home school their children object to a law that the local school district approve their teaching plan.

    Thomas and Babette Hankin filed suit Monday against the Bristol Township School District, saying its involvement violates their religious and privacy rights.

    The couple has seven children, four of them school-age. They belong to the Malvern-based Free Presbyterian Church, which is not part of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

    School officials discovered in March that the family was not complying with the district’s home-schooling requirements.

    “Reporting to the district makes us part and parcel of them, which we feel we cannot in good conscious do,” said Babette Hankin, citing teaching on evolution as an example of the district’s alleged anti-God stance.

    Bristol Township Superintendent Regina Cesario declined comment.

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    April 27th, 2004
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    …which we feel we cannot in good conscious do…

    Say again?