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Another day, another perv in the g-schools.

Arroyo Grande High School assistant track coach Robert Budke had sex with a teenage student-athlete at his home, school office, classrooms and a campus tool shed, according to the alleged victim’s statements to detectives.

These crimes started four years ago when the girl was 15, prosecutors said.

You know what comes next- WWHS.

2 Responses to “HOW ROMANTIC!”

Comment by
Eric Holcombe
April 28th, 2004
at 12:23 pm

Well, what do you expect? I mean, he’s grossly underpaid and all…

Comment by
April 28th, 2004
at 1:45 pm

That is some of the darkest humor I’ve seen in a while… it just might be true! After all, he probably isn’t paid enough to buy a prostitute or porn…