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The latest fad to fix all that ails the g-schools- get rid of middle schools.

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Chris O'Donnell
April 29th, 2004
at 2:47 pm

“I’d say the majority of those parents who are knowledgeable prefer to have K-8 schools in their community,” says Michael Hamilton, president of the Baltimore Council of PTAs”

Translation – if you disagree with us you are an idiot.

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April 29th, 2004
at 7:06 pm

“Normally, as kids move up in grade parental participation drops off,” Hardiman says. “We’re finding that our elementary school parents are a good influence on our middle school parents. They tend to serve as role models….”

Duh, were not the middle school parents elementary school parents first?

So there is to be NO intermediate step between elementary school and high school? How dumb is that?

There’s no reason why middle school can’t be somewhat nurturing. My daughter’s was, and it was still a reach for her.

And Chris O’Donnell’s translation is spot-on.