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    More competition is coming to the college market.

    For-profit University of Phoenix, the nation’s largest private university with an enrollment that includes 500 students at two Pittsburgh-area locations, wants to start competing for students as young as 18.

    The school, until now, has accepted only working adults in their 20s. But spokeswoman Ayla Dickey said demand exists among younger students, and though the plan is preliminary, Phoenix wants to begin enrolling them in parts of the country within a few months.

    …But Phoenix has gained a large clientele nationwide, including students who say more choice is better. Phoenix has 213,000 students, about half of them learning online, and operates in 30 states plus Puerto Rico and Canada.

    …Phoenix has thrived by tossing aside the typical notion of college. When it enters a metropolitan area, it’s not looking to build a sprawling, leafy campus, but rather goes for leasable office space, usually near major highways.

    There are no dormitories and no athletic teams. Phoenix has an online library. Instead of tenured faculty, it employs mostly part-time professionals, or “practitioner faculty.”

    Wonder of wonders- traditional colleges aren’t welcoming the competition.

    An official with one Pittsburgh university, when told about Phoenix’s plan, suggested the result would be needless duplication of programs.

    “Really, we find this surprising,” said Ginny Frizzi, a spokeswoman for Point Park University. “Given that Western Pennsylvania is already covered by so many colleges offering so many programs, there are already a lot of options for traditional age students.”

    We’ll see if they lobby the legislature for some speed bumps to keep Phoenix out.

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    “…spokeswoman Ayla Dickey…”

    Has Clan of the Cave Bear been out that long?
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