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    Actually, it’s the NAACP, and some of their recommendations for how to handle Florida’s failing schools border are either pipe dreams or nightmares:

    To the parents of students who received letters informing you that you may transfer your child from one of the failing schools, do not transfer them. Leave them there and monitor your child, the teachers and the administration. [Sure. In five or ten years they might improve. Of course, that’ll be too late for your kids.]

    …If any of these schools (schools with an F grade) receive another F grade, the [school system] should take immediate steps to transfer all national board-certified teachers to these schools. [Can’t do it. Seniority rules would prevent that from ever happening]

    …Provide extensive professional development for all school personnel. The training must include sensitivity training and the infusion of African-American history into the curriculum. [Sensitivity training for the teachers? And how exactly is that supposed to ehlp kids who can’t read at grade level?]

    …Have schools develop individual instructional plans for each student at or below Level 2. [Terrific. Then they all fall into the SpEd morass.

    …Implement and enforce parental involvement programs to strengthen parent accountability. [I’m pretty sure the schools don’t have the power to enforce anything that has to do with the parents.]

    …Strengthen the partnership with the City of Jacksonville to improve and enrich neighborhoods, such as parks, recreational facilities, shopping, eateries and cultural events. [Better restaurants=better schools. Whodathunkit?]

    …Work with the ministerial organizations to help local churches that do not have a reading program and/or tutorial program for children, establish at least a reading program. [It sounds like they want to force the churches to do this. That’s a no-no.]

    …Work with the local media to encourage and inform parents about what to do to help their children get a quality education. [Finally, a sensible recommendation! H&OES isn’t local media, but I’ll throw my two cents in. Parents, ignore all of the NAACP’s suggestions, especially the first. Run, don’t walk your kids to the best school they can get in. You have no obligation to fix the schools. The only one you “owe” is your children an opportunity. Seize it while you can.]

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    Eric Holcombe
    June 29th, 2004
    at 11:59 am

    And the NEA thought NCLB was asking a lot….too funny. They imply in a couple of the recommendations that replacing faculty in failing schools is a solution – but where do the ‘failing faculty’ get transferred to? Oh yeah, that sensitivity training will whip them into shape.

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    June 29th, 2004
    at 12:18 pm

    Better restaurants = more jobs for the graduates of the sub standard high school system that the NAACP recommends black folks keep their kids in.

    Does anybody take the NAACP seriously anymore?

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    June 29th, 2004
    at 3:15 pm

    Parents have never had any say on the superintendent’s pay or contract. Good luck on trying to implement that.

    How is a quarterly meeting in challenged schools going to help, especially when they make no progress?

    Where is the money for laptops and keeping the media center open coming from?

    Where is the highly qualified, committed, experienced staff at now?

    I’m for technology, but the students need to know the basics first.

    Schools already have too much flexibility and the practices that they’ve been using have been proven not to work. They shouldn’t be allowed to choose and experiment anymore on the students.

    Most parents do not want a social worker visiting their home. Again; attendance is a must under NCLB. The schools want that passing grade. Many districts already have social workers on their payrolls. They want to hire more? I then read about suspending students for behavior, doesn’t that contradict the truancy and the social workers?

    I was happy to read that they included faculty and staff on the dress code.

    Implement and enforce parental involvement programs to strengthen parent accountability. Do parents want to be forced into programs that are dictated to them to attend?

    How many community organizations and groups want to provide services that reinforce schools’ instructional programs? Why should they? It’s the school’s job to teach education. This is the second article that I’ve read recently that wants churches involved with schools. What is going on?

    They want the churches to establish a reading program. What happened to learning to read in school? Where is the award grant money going to come from to implement these programs? Why do they want churches to be involved?

    It sounds like they want more tax dollars to enrich parks, recreational facilities, shopping, eateries and cultural events. What’s with the shopping and eateries?

    Let’s dictate again that parents are to work with social service agencies, to develop realistic strategies to discipline their children and to help their children be prepared to get a good education. The majority of parents want their children to receive a good education.

    I have many questions about this.