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    I just got another American Community Survey form. Apparently, they didn’t appreciate my mailing back the first one blank. So, this time I filled out how many people live in the house. The way I figure it, that’s all the data the Census Bureau is constitutionally entitled to gather. And, since the ACS is not the decennial census, I figure I’m being generous providing even that. I have a feeling, though, that the bureaucrats aren’t going to give up just yet:

    This survey is so important that a Census Bureau representative may attempt to contact you by telephone or personal visit if we do not receive your questionnaire.

    It’s going to cost them way more than the $100 for non-compliance to catch up with me. Ron Paul is right; this survey is an abomination.

    UPDATE: NPR had a brief piece on biometric data on passports. They reported that the 9/11 Commission recommended that US passports include some type of data such as fingerprints. No way will I ever provide those to any government agency (short of being arrested, I guess). If it becomes part of the US passport system, I’ll just let mine expire.

    And, if you think I’m being paranoid, just ask this guy.

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