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    Ron Harrington forwarded a press release about full-day free daycare kindergarten. Ron wonders why parents are falling all over themselves to imprison enroll their five-year-olds. Of course, it’s for the “free” daycare.

    As approved at the April 19th Board of Education meeting, Broken Arrow Public Schools will offer full-day kindergarten free of charge at all fourteen elementary school sites for the 2004-2005 school year.

    After analyzing enrollment data, the district has determined that there will be no self-contained half-day kindergarten programs at any of its elementary school sites. Instead, parents wishing for their child to attend half-day kindergarten will be asked to pick up their child at 11:30 a.m.

    Hardly anyone has signed up for the half-day option. No wonder, with the attitude shown by the educrats. I basically predicted this same outcome for DE schools a while back. Full day prison terms kindergarten always crowds out self-contained half-day programs.

    The rest of the PR is a bunch of psychobabble bull****!

    Because the academic expectations have been increased for all students, including kindergarten students, teachers are increasingly finding it difficult to balance the students’ developmental and academic needs in a half-day program. A full-day kindergarten program supports the increased academic expectations in reading and math required by No Child Left Behind, and also allows teachers to use more appropriate developmental approaches.

    “A full-day program better prepares students and makes them more comfortable and confident first graders because they know the routine,” Oak Crest kindergarten teacher Carol VanDolah (who taught extended day kindergarten in 2003-2004) said. “I feel most five-year olds are ready for the all-day kindergarten program. Most have attended either private or public pre-K programs and they are ready for the next step. Even if the child is a young kindergartener, the full-day program allows plenty of time for their social development, and it allows the teacher more time to meet a child’s individual needs.”

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    July 27th, 2004
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    Its just gives the schools more time to indoctrinate the children.