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    The LAUSD is short-changing students in failing schools on NCLB-required tutoring. Last year only 7,000 out of 164,000 eligible signed up. The district blames parents, but the edu-crats aren’t exactly going out of their way to publicize the availability:

    Companies that provide tutoring services said they face a number of obstacles in the LAUSD. The district restricts their contact with principals and parents… “It is the travesty that 90 percent of the eligible students are not signing up,” said Carl Benson, owner of Tutors of the Inland Empire. “I’ve had (advertising) money refused. I don’t know what else I can do.”

    Of course, it’s all about the money:

    Of nearly $60 million in federal funding for the district, only $1.8 million was spent on tutoring. The average cost per student is $1,500… This year, the number of eligible students in the LAUSD will jump to 230,000, and the district will be asked to set aside about $80 million for tutoring and other services… “If we got all 230,000 kids, we couldn’t serve three-quarters of them because the money isn’t there,” Robinson said.

    As I understand NCLB, this is not optional. If they take Title I funds; they have to at least make the offer. Limiting the number of kids who get to take advantage of tutoring because money is tight is simply not acceptable.

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    July 28th, 2004
    at 2:34 pm

    The district received $60,000,000 in federal funding and only spent $1.8 million for tutoring. Hmmm. They say the money isn’t there to tutor the students. What happened to the money saved that they ripped off from the students who needed extra instruction?

    The schools blame the parents when children don’t learn. I put the blame on thieving schools.