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An A?

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“In the Greenville district, the A was higher to achieve than in other school districts,” said Superintendent Dr. Arthur Cartlidge.

Another occurrence of lowering standards.

3 Responses to “An A?”

Comment by
Eric Holcombe
July 29th, 2004
at 12:03 pm

Nothing new. My college awarded an A for a 94% grade (and 4.0 quality points). An 85% to 93% grade was a B (and 3.0 quality points). The University of Tennessee, part of the same state board of rejects..er..regents schools, awarded partial quality points. I.e., for a score of 90%, you would receive 3.5 quality points and a B+/A- grade. To a prospective employer, the UT student has a 3.5 average while (assuming an equivalent education under state board of regent direction)at my school they would have a 3.0.

Comment by
July 29th, 2004
at 7:13 pm

I remember the days when an A was 90 and above. B was 80-89. C was 70-79. Ahhhh the good old days… 😉

Comment by
Roy W. Wright
July 29th, 2004
at 7:48 pm

Higher to achieve?