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    A statist legislator [redundancy alert] in FL thinks that state is being shafted by the Feds.

    Deutsch said he’s upset that Florida is getting short shrift from the Feds. The Sunshine State ranks 43rd in federal grants for transportation, 45th in federal housing grants, 47th in federal money for the environment and 45th in grant money for education.
    “This shouldn’t be done to one of the most dynamic and significant states,” he said. “If Florida were at the national average, it would receive an additional $7 million – money that could be used for teachers, transportation and the environment.”

    Populous Florida, with all those presidential electors and a Bush in the statehouse, ranks at the bottom in all those categories? And, moving it to the national average would generate a whole $7M? Either the legislator or the editor of the paper needs some math help.

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