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    All you need to create a terrific site is a passion and a sense of humor. Here, a mathematician expounds on the second great love of my life– espresso.

    Stovetop espresso makers ($12 and up) make fantastic espresso outdoors on Italian islands. Somehow this doesn’t translate back to a home kitchen. The basic problems are inadequate pressure and boiling water. (You can certainly spend a lot more than $12 on a low-end consumer appliance and end up with these same problems!) If you must, splurge for one made of stainless steel (not aluminum), tamp coarsely ground coffee at your own risk (you are betting your life on the safety release valve), and coax the coffee out slowly, stopping early. In college I also inserted chem lab filters into my stovetop unit, which made spectacular coffee until it exploded.

    BTW, the author appears to be a colleague of edu-blogger Bas Braams.

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