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    I have this nagging feeling that something in this quote is not quite right. In a paean to the g-schools, a local educrat speaks:

    And for parents like Cindy Smith of Lexington, public schools are what she believes to be the best and only choice for her family.

    “In public school, you’re with people from all walks of life from your own community. It prepares you for the world,” said Smith, a mother of two who is also on the Lexington 1 school board.

    When her daughters were in elementary school, they wowed her with their computer research skills and the PowerPoint presentations they created for school.

    Her high-schooler, who has taken French since first grade, is fresh from a three-week school trip to France.

    And because of the district’s extensive athletic program, the girls participate in soccer, volleyball and track.

    “Lots of private schools don’t have as many resources as public schools,” Smith said. “My daughters are receiving an excellent education.”

    Let’s see. Power Point. Trip to France. Athletics. I see all the really important things are covered.

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    Comment by
    Eric Holcombe
    July 30th, 2004
    at 9:41 am

    Hey, wait a minute. I thought the private schools were full of “wealthiest 1%’ers” with resources out the wazoo.

    If it’s the “only” choice, can it really be the best?