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The Wilmington News-Journal has a profile of a homeschooled prodigy.

By next spring, Spencer will have polished off the highest advanced placement calculus and physics courses through his at-home, long-distance learning program headquartered at Johns Hopkins University.

“Actually,” Spencer said, explaining how he’d recently discovered a new way to solve a calculus problem, “I simply used a proof and I figured it out. And earlier today I expanded it. … Because I’ve done so many things in my head, it’s like second nature to me.”

At 9, Spencer took the SAT college entrance exam and scored 740 out of a possible 800 in math. His total score was 1240. His parents are talking to University of Delaware officials about possible early entrance next fall.

…Jeanne Tofts didn’t plan to home-school her son, but the way things have turned out, some of her neighbors joke about putting their kids in her school, she said.

Unlike many home-schoolers, she said, she and her husband have no philosophical bent toward the practice. She home-schooled out of necessity, she said.

For the locals in the audience, the family is associated with OCTAI.

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