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    Sometimes a baseball bat upside the head is the only solution:

    The Hodge children never have lived in the Lake Fenton School District, but because their mother drives a Lake Fenton school bus they’ve always gone to school there.

    That’s especially been a plus to Bradley, a sixth-grader who has severe learning disabilities and autistic tendencies.

    … But while Jessica Hodge drives a Lake Fenton school bus and wears a Lake Fenton school badge, her paycheck comes from Laidlaw Transit Corp., the private company that provides busing for the southern Genesee County district.

    As a result, Hodge is a Laidlaw employee, not a Lake Fenton schools employee and therefore her children do not have transfer rights, said Larry Watkins, acting director of pupil personnel services for Flint.

    …”I think Flint just wants the money,” said David Hodge, referring to the $7,200 in revenue the financially strapped Flint gets from the state for each student.

    Bingo! Guaranteed, if the school district found some way to keep the money, they’d cut the kids loose in a heartbeat.

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    August 13th, 2004
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    Gosh, around here it’s the school you want to transfer TO that has to give permission, not the school you want to transfer out of.

    Even before NCLB, we had open enrollment, in which kids could go to schools outside their neighborhood, if the school they wanted to go to had room, on a first-come-first-served basis. That’s outside the optional school transfer my daughter has. County students can attend city schools but they have to pay tuition because they don’t pay city taxes. Even out-of-state students can, with tuition. I don’t know of any cases in which the losing school gets to try to hold onto the students.