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    Dennis Redovich is at it again. He seems to think there is some conspiracy among Big Business to screw over the wonderful but unappreciated g-schools. Why? Greed! I can possibly see the argument being appropriate for companies that would stand to benefit directly from school privatization. But, how would that affect any of the Dow 30, for example? I’m pretty sure GM isn’t going to start an online school if we somehow separated school from state.

    Now, to be fair, Redovich is reviewing a book, but it’s absolutely impossible to say which of the crackpot paranoias are from the book and which are Redovich’s own.

    Heck, Redovich even criticizes liberal groups who are aligned with Big Business, including the NEA-endorsed PEN and the Democratic Party’s PPI.

    Well, at least his column always gets Monday started with a chuckle.

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