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    Where does EducationNews find these folks? Here’s a former prof who’s channeling Redovich:

    When schools are judged failing for two years, they must take money from instruction for transportation of kids to other schools. This further reduces teaching resources, further insuring failure. After that, schools would be taken over by the state, which will be impossible for large numbers of schools, or taken over by private, for-profit schools. That’s when the Bush-Alexander-Whittle Edison schools kick in. Edison will build hundreds, if not thousands, of private schools to accommodate the new NCLB Voucher Plan at taxpayers’ expense.

    Now, I am no particular fan of NCLB, as I think the feds and the states have gamed the system and will find it impossible to meet the AYP targets. That being said, Edison is (and will remain) a tiny player in all of this. Chris Whittle is not going to take over a bunch of schools, let alone the “world.” Heck K12 probably has more g-school students than Edison right now. And, K12 can scale up a whole lot faster than Edison, too.

    Why are these folks so scared of privatization? Never mind. I know the answer: IAATM.

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    August 16th, 2004
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    “This further reduces teaching resources, further insuring failure.”

    Resources correlate to success? I thought that had been disproved.

    More than half of our city schools that were on the target list for state takeover are now off that list. The principal at one school gave all the credit to adult volunteers who spend hours each week tutoring the kids one-on-one. It’s a fairly new program the school system started last year. The tutors have a training course and then they get matched up with kids who need help. Note the term “volunteers”. No resources here. I plan to do that after my kid is launched next year.