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    A recent homeschool grad has a very nice Op/Ed in today’s Atlanta Journal & Constitution:

    [T]here’s a whole mentality that comes with public school — you learn what the school tells you to learn, when and how they tell you to learn it.

    If the school board decides the theory of evolution or the Civil War should not be a part of the curriculum, you may not learn about those subjects until college. Everyone is measured against a standard, and if you fall short of that standard, you’re lost.

    Once you’ve taken into account school violence, budget cuts, zero tolerance and, of course, the teen drama (such as cliques and gossip), school isn’t always the ideal learning center it is meant to be.

    …As a home schooled student I didn’t have to deal with unnecessary distractions and I could focus on my education. I could also study things that interested me, so while most of my high-school-age buddies were griping about having to read “Great Expectations” (which I had read back in middle school after seeing the play) and having to write reports about the Renaissance, I was happily reading “Beloved” and learning about the Zapatista movement.

    There’s more good stuff.

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