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    Eduwonk parsed the data a bit and found less there than meets they eye.

    Most importantly, though, when one controls the data for race it turns out there is no statistically significant difference between charter schools and other public schools. But, you’ll search in vain in the Times story for that information. In fact, to the contrary, a chart accompanying the story fails to offer readers any significance tests for the numbers they’re looking at, inaccurately indicating that there are significant differences by race.

    He also doubts the claim that the AFT supports charters.

    Incidentally, per the Times story, how long can the AFT continue to trade on the notion that all this is more in sorrow than anger? They just don’t like charter schools, they’re not reluctantly concluding that they don’t work, they’re fervently hoping and working to ensure that’s the case.

    I tried to figure that one out yesterday. The union does claim that they’ve been long-time charter school supporters. From a 2002 report:

    The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) supported the creation of educationally strong charter schools from their inception. We believed that innovative schools could be a boon to public education, could provide good options for children if the schools were held accountable for student achievement, and would offer teachers new professional opportunities. The AFT insisted that the schools be nonselective, meet high standards, and protect the rights of teachers as employees. We are disappointed to report that charter schools often fail on all three criteria and that they have not lived up to the claims of their advocates or the hopes of the American Federation of Teachers.

    Outside of its own claims, I couldn’t find much of anything, one way or the other. So, for once, I decided to take the union at its word. What does Eduwonk know, and when did he know it?

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