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    Another state with crappy homeschooling laws: Iowa.

    Iowa law allows parents to provide “competent private instruction” to their school-age children, according to Edie Eckles, director of teaching and learning for the Waukee School District.

    …Eckles serves at the Competent Private Instruction contact.
    “We also have a Home School Assistance Program,” Eckles said. “Molly Boyle is the Home School Assistance Teacher.”
    Boyle meets with the parents four times each quarter to assess student learning progress and to provide assistance to the parents.

    Geez! I think I might have to meet Ms. Boyle with my shotgun sitting out, just to encourage her not to dawdle.

    Just kidding.

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    August 19th, 2004
    at 2:10 pm

    Nice, but I could see one of those Statist bozos slapping you with ‘child endangerment,’ despite the fact that there are probably more guns in the average public school than in your home!

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    Gary Petersen
    September 2nd, 2004
    at 1:40 pm

    Actually, Iowa isn’t all that bad. We live here and you can homeschool after only filling that form out. You do need to provide an instructional plan, and you need to demonstrate adequate progress, but that can be done without any involvement of the school district beyond receiving the forms you fill out.

    My experience, however, is that many schools have a home school assistance program which they often pitch as “the way we do homeschooling around here”. Some choose it because they don’t know any better and it is certainly not the best means of demonstrating adequate progress if you’re interested in keeping the institutional schools out of your childrens’ school life.

    The cynic in me thinks they do this because they get a significant (60% if I recall) portion of the normal per-student state funding for every student they sign up into the program. But that’s just the cynic in me talking there.