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    Homeschooling and caffeine just seem to go together.

    Christian business owners are finding Macon a fertile ground for the seeds of new ventures such as Christian coffee house The Nazarene Bean.

    …They’ve already begun hosting Bible studies, concerts and informal gatherings, Phelps said. The coffee shop is popular with the commuting professional set, while students of all ages have taken advantage of the wireless Internet access offered at the shop.

    “We have a large homeschool following,” Phelps said.

    I’m sure it’s all those bleary-eyed moms; I know Lydia couldn’t survive without her morning cappuccino.

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    Comment by
    Renee Sassaman
    August 20th, 2004
    at 7:47 am

    How funny! This homeschooler just sat down with a cup of coffee to read your blog!