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    The CS Monitor has an editorial about toy guns, but I’m not sure what they want. They might be proposing banning all toy guns or possibly asking parents to forego their purchase. Very confusing.

    I find all this apropos right now, as Anthony has developed an interest in the shooting arts (archery, paintball, and smallbore). Tomorrow a.m. we are going to a local gun range where he will take his first lesson in smallbore riflery. I may be more excited than he is. Once he shoots that .22 LR, I’m betting he gets the bug big time.

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    August 20th, 2004
    at 12:06 pm

    “some 7,000 individuals were able to buy real weapons illegally in 2002-2003, and in spite of a mandated waiting period,”

    And you’re worried about toy sales? What if it’s a GI Joe-sized assault rifle lookalike? Oh, the horror!

    I like to think of it this way: In spite of the 2nd Amendment, we have a mandatory waiting period.

    Have fun on the range.

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    August 20th, 2004
    at 3:43 pm

    I have no issues with guns. Then again, I was raised much of my younger life on a farm. I think it’s pretty stupid that there seems to be a movement to blunt all sharp corners of the world, including the ones in the world of make believe.