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    Not the “S” word.

    The other day we had the Dolans’ stupid poll asking if homeschooling was a viable option. Today there’s apparently an answer in Milton, PA:

    Home-schooling a viable option for some

    I don’t know why it bothers me so. There really is nothing negative in the definition. It just seems like there’s a negative connotation in its use. Or maybe I’m just being paranoid?

    Other than the headline, the article gets a “B.” It loses points for including a line about a cyber charter.

    UPDATE: Here’s a copy of the letter I sent the reporter.

    Dear Ms. Snyder,

    I enjoyed your article on homeschooling in today’s Standard-Journal. As a home educator and homeschooling advocate (http://cobranchi.com), I try to keep track of both positive and negative comments about our community. Yours fell distinctly with the former. Thank you. I do have one not so minor quibble, though. You included several lines about Mrs. Paige’s son’s participation in the Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School. According to its website, PAVCS is a public school. It is not a homeschool under PA state law. It matters not a bit that her son takes his classes at home. He is not homeschooled.

    This may sound picky, but it’s not. Home educators have fought for 20 years for the right to teach our kids how, when, where, and most particularly what we feel proper. Charter school students are taught the same subjects and in the same manner as every other public school student. They also have to take the same NCLB-mandated tests. Not so for homeschoolers.

    The problem is that when those in the media confuse cyber charters with homeschooling, the general public gets the idea that they’re the same. The next step is to wonder why some “homeschoolers” (i.e., the cyber charter kids) have to follow the state curriculum and tests and other homeschoolers (i.e., the real ones) don’t.

    I would ask that in the future you please try to refrain from confusing the two.

    Thanks again for an otherwise terrific article.

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