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    But fire the principal first.

    This has to be one of the most infuriating tales I’ve read in a long time.

    Chris Cibelli asked to transfer out of troubled James Lick High, but the answer was no.

    With 115 students already having left the East San Jose campus — a number equal to a quarter of the freshman class — co-principal Rick Esparza wanted to hang onto Chris.

    …As it turned out, Cibelli won his transfer this week — just days before classes begin — because federal law requires that certain chronically low-performing schools allow students to move to higher-performing schools, usually in the same district. Now the 15-year-old who dreams of becoming an astrophysicist will be able to attend Independence High, which has a space technology program.

    …”That’s the youngster that’s going to raise my test scores,” said Esparza, part of a turnaround team that arrived six months ago hoping to lift James Lick from the lowest levels of test performance. James Lick is one of 18 schools in Santa Clara County where test scores have remained so low that students are allowed to transfer. “It’s hard to take, that there’s a law that says your child has a right to move on.’

    Whose child!? The principal attempted to scuttle the kid’s transfer out because it would affect the principal’s aggregate test scores. Who cares about what’s best for the kid? The school has lost 115 kids for next year. Let’s hope they lose one principal, too.

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    August 21st, 2004
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    And let’s through a little irony into the story just to make it interesting. James Lick High School is named for the astronomer James Lick for whom the Lick observatory is also named. I bet Dr. Lick would be SO proud of how his namesake high school is faring academically.

    By the way this principal should be fired now he has absolutely no business in education.