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    Chris Long is making available to homeschoolers a free PDF copy of his soon to be released text on Asia history to World War II.

    I am currently working on a book titled “Pearl Harbor to Coral Sea: Pacific Campaigns” and thought it may be valuable to some of your homeschoolers. Here’s why: the text has a massive backgound section on Southeast Asia that traces the rise and development of all of Southeast Asia from 300 B.C. to 1941 A.D. including China and Japan.

    Included with that history of Southeast Asia is a comprehensive account of the rise of Colonialism and traces the involvement of colonial powers in the pacific.

    The text also traces the rise of Islam and Christianity in Southeast Asia. It also covers American involvement in the Pacific.

    The reader gets a comprehensive account of the economics of much of Europe and colonialism and colonial administration of Southeast Asia. Included is much background on the major European powers.

    I have done all that because when the reader transitions to the WW II section, every factor of the cause of the war makes perfect sense and any reference to what are usually mysterious Asian countries during the war have a familiarity.

    And the first 6 months of WW II are covered comprehensively.

    The text can function on many levels, in whole or in part…one book covering 2240 years of 70 % of the world.

    Students with an affinity for history can, literally, learn the history of the region for over 2000 years. It’s illustrated liberally with maps, charts, tables and pictures.

    The text is being published online at Militaryhistoryonline.com

    I am willing to give this to homeschoolers FREE.

    Will have PDF copies of the first half available soon.

    Chris Long

    Chris is hesitant to post his email, so if anyone would like a copy drop me a line and I’ll forward it.

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