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    Yesterday, Lydia and I were watching an interview with Michael Phelps. The questioning turned to his decision to give up his spot on the 4×100 medley relay to his teammate. Very classy. Our discussion then segued to Paul Hamm’s apparent decision to keep a gold medal that he really didn’t earn. Apparently, the New York Times editors have been thinking along those same lines.

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    August 24th, 2004
    at 7:45 am

    During the parallel bar competition last night – the gymnastics analyst showed us the South Korean guy completing 4 stationary holds during his all around performance. Completing more than 3 holds is an automatic .2 deduction. He was not docked – so he is still up .1 over what his “real” score was – and Hamm is still the highest scorer.

    Anyway – judging and umpiring mistakes are a part of sports. In the absence of any evidence of actual cheating on the part of a judge – I think the score stands and Hamm has every right to keep the medal.

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    Daryl Cobranchi
    August 24th, 2004
    at 7:50 am

    A judging mistake is one thing. Starting from the wrong point is a math error. Yeah- he has the right to keep it. The classy thing to do, though, would be to take the silver.

    From a purely selfish point-of-view, Hamm might do better to give it up. He can come off as the ultimate self-less competitor. I’d bet that’d be worth a ton in endorsement money.

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    Skip Oliva
    August 24th, 2004
    at 10:27 am

    I don’t really care what Hamm does, but I would be a little disappointed if he caved into the sanctimonious media columnists demanding he give up the medal. Altruism shouldn’t be appeased.

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    Eric Holcombe
    August 24th, 2004
    at 3:00 pm

    I found the refusal of the Iranian judo competitor to fight the Israeli – and the IOC’s BS excuses and lack of action more interesting than this.