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    Thanks a lot for confusing the nation.

    Not a desk or chalkboard as far as the eye could see — only open river and overcast skies.

    For Chrysalis Charter School, that was the idea. Monday was the first day of class for the Redding charter school situated in Turtle Bay Exploration Park and instead of getting a locker or finding an assigned seat, students at the school floated down the Sacramento River.

    …Because the school combines home schooling with classroom curriculum, parental involvement at the school is high. Many joined their children on the river float.

    It has nothing to do with homeschooling. It’s a public school! Time to write another letter, I guess.

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    Comment by
    Chris Long
    August 24th, 2004
    at 6:51 pm

    No doubt billed as a parent-child “bonding experience”…

    Another day of valuable instruction time wasted when the situation is dire and time is desperately short, especially in public schools.

    Wonder if they sang ‘Kumbaya’ whilst floating down the river ?