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    Somebody’s been smoking something. Kimberly Swygert has the dope on some color psychologists (I kid you not) who think that grading in red is threatening, but purple is “serene.” Kimberly’s back up to speed after her brief blogging hiatus:

    This is why I don’t drink while blogging – I’d spit my mead all over my keyboard laughing. It’s nice to know that a deep purple pen can make it all better for a student who received a D-minus. Yes indeedy. And now the teacher can feel better about herself, too, because she’s not being “over-the-top” in her “aggression”, which is what touchy-feely types define as “grading objectively” these days.

    Click on over- the whole thing is just too funny.

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    August 24th, 2004
    at 6:43 pm

    I grade with rainbow crayon. It just says hearts and bunnies and kissies and stuff. 😉

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    August 24th, 2004
    at 10:49 pm

    I’m doing an primary ed course, and last semester we were asked to go through other people’s work as a ‘learning activity’. I did so, and marked a classmate’s work in red pen. I was very nice in my comments (it was the worst essay I ever read, and I’ve been go through my brother’s English essays since grade 5 when he began failing English) and all of my statments had precise details on how she could improve.

    She complained. The next class the teacher gave the entire tute a lecture on how damaging to a person’s self esteem it was to write on someone’s work with red pen.

    The class continued with the teacher showing us people’s image of the child, and ended with her completely insulting someone’s work by saying that this person was wasting their time in this course and that they had a lot to learn before they could become a teacher.

    I looked at my friends and said “And red pen is damaging…”

    It was a laugh, which is unusal in education.