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    What a fun weekend. No TV. No ‘puter. No PS2. The kids actually played. Simply amazing. We car camped but, being homeschoolers, the activities were educational in nature. On Saturday we went to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire as the kids are studying that time period this coming year. On Sunday, we went to a REALLY remote state park. No amenities at all. The attraction for us was an exposed fossil bed somewhere off an abandoned state road. That was the total extent of the directions we had. We parked the car on the highway and hiked in. Fortunately, we found the place (or at least we found some fossils).

    Today was canoeing. The kids had a great time when I managed to tip it over. Fortunately, they had all just gotten out, so I was the sole dunkee.

    Oh yeah- one other thing. We managed to do a little shopping on Saturday after the Faire. Cabela’s is simply unbelievable. If you’re ever in the area, it should be on your itinerary.

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