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    A “state audit” has recommended that Arkansas crack down on home educators:

    State auditors recommended Friday that the state keep a tighter rein on home schooled children.

    …Auditors recommended that the Legislature require home-school parents to notify local districts when moving out of the district.

    Other recommendations included that legislators consider the need to maintain a database profiling each student’s enrollment, grade level and standardized test results.

    UPDATE: Here’s a key section that the TV News cut:

    Sen. Dave Bisbee, R-Rogers, cautioned the committee against drawing conclusions with what he said could be bad information.

    Bisbee noted that the state virtually ignores students attending private schools, collecting little information on their enrollment, curriculum, test scores or teachers.

    “I find it ironic that we like to pick at homeschoolers, and we’ve got private-schoolers out that we just totally ignore,” the senator said. “If you’re going to have different classes of people and have different standards, you’ve got a real problem. We need to lump private-schoolers in with homeschoolers. I think they’re part of ‘all the children.

    That’s a proposal I could actually back, as it makes allies of the homeschoolers and the private schoolers.

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