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    Skip Oliva found an wonderful essay on the importance of contact between mother and child. Homeschooling doesn’t play a role but it’s an easy extrapolation:

    A public school teacher and former day care worker I corresponded with a few years ago made a similar point:

    Parents who use day care tend not to develop the kinds of parenting skills, or the self-confidence in dealing with their children, that seem to me to be necessary…. Since we were in charge during most of the children’s waking hours, parents had very little opportunity to develop…. As a result they were generally nervous around their children, and impatient with the various unpleasant aspects of caring for them.

    A family friend who used daytime babysitters heavily for several weeks when she had to pack for a sudden cross country move told me that the more time she spent away from her young boys, the less adroitness and patience she had for handling them. Likewise, Ohio mother Mary Robin Craig writes of a period when she worked full time and had a nanny that, “On my off days I could see that their lives had a flow that eluded me totally.”

    This one’s a must read.

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